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Villa Tolosa Resort

A mastered-planned leisure development, an asian modern minimalized venue located at the hot spring capital of the Philippines free from congestion and pollution. To some, it's a perfect get away, a peaceful refuge from a hassled and bothered life. To the owner, it's a dream come true establishment which turns out to be a place he could always call a perfect home even just for purposes of relaxation.

Whether you decide to have a vacation, or have your official office functions done, or just friends' hang out, you would simply realize that you've chosen the right place and made the best decision.

Villa Tolosa have several villas ( residential and guest) perfectly built for your comfort and soothing needs. Our villas can accommodate 6 to 20 people depending on the villa size matched with an ideal and perfect private pool. They are individually furnished and includes several features such as wifi, cable TV etc.

Villa Tolosa can help you put your dream vacation and official function into a superb reality.

Unit 2 LT Block 5 Park Merced, Laklakay, Los Baños, Laguna